Our Approach

Customized Solutions Tailored for each Client

Our clients come to us with problems that are usually expressed in fairly simple language:

      »  "We aren't in touch with our market"

      »  "Our Product team doesn't write good requirements"

      »  "We need a better development process" 

And, some consultants immediately seem to have all the answers.               Such as:

     »  "I need to teach your team better interviewing skills"

     »  "Let's rewrite your requirements as User Stories"

     »  "Agile, Lean, or Scrum - pick one"


At Practical Growth Strategies, we believe that each client is unique, and standard, off-the-shelf solutions rarely apply. The client’s history, culture, and goals need to be deeply understood. Attitudes and organizational dynamics need to be dissected. Then, we can provide practical answers to their problems.

Our team can provide:

Environmental Assessment

       » We will spend time interviewing the leadership team and associates to understand and listen to their problems. This can be done remotely or at the client location(s).

       » We can engage with customers and non-customers to identify unmet needs or perceptions.

       » We will review artifacts and processes to identify any gaps or inefficiencies.

       » We will assess the data and benchmark it against best practices in the industry.

       » We will provide the client with a candid, yet confidential assessment.

Recommendations and Action Plans

       » We will provide a detailed set of recommendations and action plans to address the identified gaps in the organization.  This is generally delivered as a presentation and/or report to management.

Implementation and Coaching

       » We will take an active role to make sure that the recommendations are implementable and have clearly defined objectives.

       » We can provide “hands-on” coaching and mentoring with the teams to improve processes, artifacts, or techniques. 

       » We can recommend or provide client-focused training that will best suit the client’s needs.