Our Focus

Implementing Effective Market Driven Processes

Growing a successful company is like growing and delivering a successful product. It is a journey that connects the market opportunity with profitable delivery. Companies and teams need to bridge the possible with the practical. Practical Growth Strategies, LLC was created to provide the services, coaching, and tools to help you succeed. To achieve this success, we leverage best-practice approaches from the industry to define a Practical method to achieve your Growth goals. Problems we solve for our clients:

Problems we solve for our clients:

Essential – the foundational activities that all plans and strategies are based on

  • Market Insights – getting in touch with the markets that you want to serve
  • Segmentation – defining where and who you market to, with strategies for each
  • Competitive Differentiation – defining the competitive landscape and establishing your differentiated strategy to win
  • Strategy – clarifying your business and technology vision, direction and priorities


Plan – communicating and clarifying your strategies, tactics, and value to the market

  • Product Planning – establishing a well-defined business justification and plan to obtain investment and to make trade-off decisions
  • Technical Planning – articulating clear product goals and requirements
  • PLC Process – defining an effective yet agile product life-cycle process that spans from concept to end-of-life


Execute – without effective execution, plans are meaningless

  • Go-to-Market – defining and establishing goals, activities, messages, and metrics to successfully reach and influence your target market(s)
  • Team Alignment – assuring that all roles are clearly defined and all stakeholders are aligned around the plan


Attain – achieving your goals and meeting your expectations

  • Success & Metrics – defining what “success looks like” and establishing metrics for tracking and correcting