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After working in Marketing, Development, Sales, and as an executive at large and small technology companies, John Milburn made a career “pivot” and became an Instructor at Pragmatic Marketing, specializing in Product Management and Requirements. 10 years, hundreds of companies, and over 12,000 students later, he realized that many of the people and companies that he trained weren’t successfully applying the principles that they had been taught. So, in 2016 he started Practical Growth Strategies, LLC, with the overriding objective to help technology companies to be more successful by applying and implementing market driven processes and behaviors. John wants to foster this success by mentoring and coaching leaders and individual contributors to succeed.

John has a BS in Math and Computer Science, an MBA from The University of Texas, and is a Certified Scrum Product Owner. He has experience working with many types of technology firms, including software, hardware, and professional services organizations.

John Milburn - Founder and Principal Consultant

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As a Certified Coach, business consultant, author, speaker, educator, owner, and CEO of a small business, Dwight Spence brings over 20 years of experience to his coaching and consulting services. He has traveled the world following his passion to help individuals and organizations develop, market, and sell their ideas, products, and services. As a sales and marketing professional, Dwight has launched new products and services, built and led sales and marketing teams, educated and coached professionals in product management, marketing, and sales, and helped organizations promote and sell their products, services, and brands.

Dwight has a strong technology industry background, is a member of many professional organizations, and volunteers with non-profit organizations such as the YMCA, Junior Achievement, American Diabetes Association, Junior Diabetes Research Foundation, and Meals on Wheels. He even helped start a non-profit organization, Circle Lodge, dedicated to helping mentally challenged individuals learn life skills that enable them to live better lives and co-exist in their communities.

Dwight Spence - Principal Consultant

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Steve Hardwick, an accomplished professional with over 12 years experience bringing technology products to market, Steve has a skill set that can span collecting market requirements to delivering technology solutions. He has worked in a wide range of software, hardware and semiconductor organizations, including large (Dell and Siemens), and small (3 successful startups) companies in 3 countries. Steve’s communication skills range from interacting with customers, to influencing executives, to technical design with engineering departments. He has received awards at several organizations for both his marketing and development expertise.

Steve has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Manchester, England, has authored "ISDN Design: A practical approach," and published many articles, white papers and webinars.

Steve Hardwick - Principal Consultant

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