Technology companies struggle with becoming “market driven.” Often, their teams have attended a training class and are finding it difficult to make meaningful changes; maybe the company acquired or merged with another company and there is a mis-match in processes and goals; maybe leadership realizes that their teams are not being as effective as they should be. We formed this company to solve these problems: better align the organization; more clearly define roles and artifacts; improve planning and development processes.

John is a seasoned practitioner and a great leader for company’s looking to align their products to real market problems and focused growth opportunities.  His pointed questions and outside-in research were breakthroughs for us in identifying what mattered and what didn’t in our roadmap.” President & Executive Chairman- idonate

John is a pleasure to work with. He’s a great listener, and weighs in with thoughtful, direct recommendations. We’ll continue to draw on his deep knowledge to improve company focus and customer appeal.”  CEO – Specific Energy

“John’s deep experience (both hands-on and consulting) proved invaluable in helping us create a framework for organizing a very fragmented set of capabilities into a manageable set of product portfolios – which we are currently in the process of implementing.   John’s professionalism, thoughtfulness, flexibility, and follow-through was top notch. We enjoyed working with him and would leverage his talents again.”  Senior Director Marketing Technology – Acxiom